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Ultamate Poker is one of the largest poker sites in the World. Ultamate Poker was established in 1998 and has more then 2 million satisfied customers in the past 9 years. UltamatePoker is currently one of top ranked poker rooms according to a poker players pole. Ultamate Bet Poker is generally considered to have the weakest poker players on the net, meaning it is very easy to win here. UltamatePoker offers limit, pot limit & no limit Texas Holdem, Omaha & Stud Poker games. Ultamate Poker offers both free and real money poker games & tournaments - so give Ultamate Bet a try today!

Ultamate Poker offers a 100% Bonus up to $650.

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UltamatePoker.com is always trying to improve their poker room in order to attract new players through their great promotions. Many members play on Ultamate Poker, and it is very easy to find a game. There are a pile of games and tournaments at Ultamate Poker - there are even single table tournaments that feature 6 players, as opposed to the standard 10 player tables. UltamatePoker also added has 6 seat table multi-table tournaments. One of the great things about Ultamate Poker is how poor the players on the site are. Ultamate Poker is known to have the worst players in the industry. Ultamate Poker contains tons of very loose, reckless players. Ultamate Poker is definetly my favorite online poker room. UltamateBet has an awesome bonus policy - instead of having bonus dollars despoited into a "bonus account" that is slowly released to you play X number of hands, UltamateBet.com pays you the bonus almost immediately, it's one of the reasons why I love Ultamate Bet. UltamateBet.net is the free version of Ultamite Poker!